Wondering what Xaelith means? Well, I made the word up and, at first, it had no meaning, but now it does. I use it in a story I'm writing, but I've named this piece Xaelith, too. I name my layouts because it's easier for people to tell me which layout they need help with, if in need of support. It's easier to put a name to a layout, rather than a number, in my opinion.

This layout was made the same way I make all of my layouts. The render was created in 3ds Max, then airbrushing and effects were added in Photoshop 7. The colors and the image will appeal to some, while others may not like it so much; that's usually how abstract work seems to ... work. =D

Customization & Use

You're welcome to change the fonts, link colors, and text colors to whatever you want. I don't add in scrollbars anymore, since they only work in IE; if you must have them, they're pretty easy to add into the stylesheet. If you need help, just ask.

Using the layout is pretty simple; all you have to do is alter the text and links to your liking, then upload the files onto your server. It's best the keep the file format as is, meaning leave the images in the image folder and so on, or else you'll have to change the location of each image in the index file.

The layout contains valid HTML 4.01 Transitional and valid CSS; it has been tested in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.


You are not allowed to alter the image in any way, unless you purchase a license to do so; however, you may add a simple site name near the text area if you like.

Please leave a visible link back to my site if you decide to use this layout; thank you and enjoy!


This layout is perfect for blogs, but can be used for other types of sites as well.

Section title

+ About me
+ The domain
+ Visitor section
+ Portfolio


Layout created by Lacrimae Spiritus.